Medical Illustrator Virginia Hoyt Cantarella

NEW! Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy is a book designed to show all the voluntary muscles, where they originate, where they insert, and the bones that are involved. The text gives a brief description of the action of each muscle, origins and insertions, and the Latin and Greek derivations of their names.

Twenty-three years illustrating medical texts, specializing in ophthalmology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and dermatological surgery. B/W and tone, and color.

Richard Troutman's three volumes on Microsurgery of The Eye and Astigmatism, Francis L'Esperance's texts Ophthalmic Lasers and Diabetic Retinopathy, Byron Smith's two volumes on Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, for Mosby/Yearbook; Thomas Rees's revision of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Richard Bennett's text Fundamentals of Cutaneous Surgery, for W.B. Saunders.

Member: Association of Medical Illustrators, Graphic Artists Guild

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